Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Spiderman Shoes

Yesterday I ventured out with Lillie and Eli with the intention of taking advantage of Kohl's buy one get one free on shoes. After an hour of trying on shoes we had finally settled on one pair for Eli and one for Lillie only to find out that the shoes we selected were not part of the sale. Eli was so disappointed (he was already wearing his new shoes), so i had to try to make it right. Earlier he had begged for some Spiderman shoes that I absolutely hated, but in an attempt to ease the distress of an hour wasted, I decided to grab the last pair of Spiderman shoes in his size off the clearance rack. As his eyes lit up I said, "You can't wear them to school and you can't wear them to church." He responded, "Okay, no school, no church." Needless to say, he wore them to preschool this morning to show his friend Jimmy. I still hate the shoes, but is fun to let him have a little self expression.
This is just a fun picture. Lillie loves to copy her brother; most of the time it is cute. Just making sure that she is doing it just right.


HANNAH said...

this is the first time that i've ever thought spiderman shoes were cute... because after all, they are on Eli. that's really sweet. i'm glad he got exited about them. i think i remember meredith going through something similar with Ben. and hey! they were on clearance. yay.

ps. lillie looks hilarious

the Pulleys said...

What cute shots of the 2 of them together! Monkey see...monkey do, huh?! Glad he loves his shoes so much & is so proud of them...how sweet!