Monday, March 30, 2009

Goodbye tooth No. 3!

Madison has had a tooth that we have been anxiously waiting to come out for a couple of days. Finally, tonight while she was eating her corn dog it came out. We are thankful she didn't swallow it!!
Here is picture of Eli trying to catch some snow on his tongue. Hard to believe we had snow on Saturday and right now it is 71. Welcome to Oklahoma.

This coming weekend I get to participate in photography class taught by my friend, Ashley. In preperation for her crash course, I purchased a new lens for my camera and took some time practicing with it - here are a couple of pictures of Lillie that I liked. She is growing up; she spent nearly 30 minutes playing with Madison's tea party set. She set it up just like she has seen Madison do and even pretended to drink out of the cups.


Coopers said...

Our babies are just so cute. I can't believe I beat Hannah to the comments. Mom

HANNAH said...

i know mom, it's rare :) madison is looking grown up!!