Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer fun

Hard to believe it, but this sweet little baby girl will be 2 tomorrow. We are waiting to celebrate until her Aunt Hannah is home.....hurry home Aunt Hannah!!

We have been lazy!! One of our favorite summer time hang-outs is, of course, Granny's house. What time we spend out of the pool is on Granny's porch swing. Lillie loves to swing, and often enjoys a little snooze on her favorite patio in the world. Aren't baby cries so sweet, I love this picture.
The rest of our time we spend hunting for fun things to do at our own home (after all Granny does need an occasional break, she's getting old - just kidding.) Today, Eli "helped" water the grass. I will spare you (and Eli) the picture of Eli doing what he considers "watering the grass"...those of you with boys will understand what I am saying.

Madison and her goggles...she loves these things, by the end of summer she is going to have permanent rings around her eyes.

And just a glimpse of Granny's backyard oasis. She is doing a little renovating, so there will be more pictures in a couple of weeks.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Clean Slate

This weekend we have the priviledge of helping transform a family's life, but transforming their home. This family has four young children and are desperately wanting a place their children can go to play. So, we will be doing an extreme makeover on their garage to provide the perfect playroom. I am so excited to see the results and am praying the impression it leaves on the lives of each individual in this family is eternal, reaching far past the physical make over of their home.