Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bath Time Baby

I promised my sister that I would try to start posting some video, so this is for you Aunt Hannah. This is Lillie's new favorite place to take a bath.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Adventures in Potty Training

Well, after many attempts on the potty, Eli finally managed to put something in there!!! YEAH!!!! We had a big celebration and took some pictures, so we thought we would share (but not too much.)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Seven Months Old Already

Tomorrow Lillie will be seven months old. It seems like just the other day I was posting newborn pictures of her. As you can see she is sitting up (no interest really in crawling) and she has two sweet little teeth. She is easy like Madison was as a baby but she is by far the happiest baby I have ever seen. Her smile is absolutely contageous. She loves both her brother and sister but it is obvious that she is ready to be her brother's playmate. Any time he gets close enough she will get a handful of his shirt (or hair, which ever comes first) and holds on for the ride. She loves to watch him and laughs at everything he does. Hopefully they will turn into great play mates.

One more sweet baby picture...

Big Birthday Boy

Elijah Cooper Beam is TWO! I can hardly believe it. The last seven months has been such a fun time with him. I definitely think the year from one to two is the funnest in the life of a child. Their personality really starts to show and they learn to do so much. Somewhere in the coarse of this year Eli went from being a baby to a little man. Although very onery, Eli is has a tender little heart that often makes me melt. He loves his mom and is dad. Mommy for the nurturing and daddy for the fun. However, he is always looking forward that next ride in Grumpy's pick up. He even knows which key on the key ring makes it start. He is a quiet little guy which makes it easy to overlook that he is very perseptive. Now on to the next big challenge - POTTY TRAINING. Tips are welcome (so when is it that you teach them to stand?).


Okay, so I could fill up this page with tons of Christmas shots but I'm just not going to. Most of the picures aren't great, so I will spare you all. However, I am going to post one picture of the kids' big gift this year (and really our big gift too). We converted our garage into a play room and boy do we all enjoy it!! This is a picture of the room right after Santa Clause got it all set up.

Ok, I lied I couldn't resist posting this picture of Lillie and I figured it would be ok since it is her very first Christmas...what a sweet little happy baby.

A Birthday Tribute to Madison

On December 17, 2002, we became the proud parents of a sweet little girl that we named Madison Noelle Beam. She weighed 8 lbs 6 oz and was absolutely perfect. Since we lived in Colorado at the time and we didn't know what we were having, Granny kept calling all day trying to get the latest news. After many long hours of waiting we heard those magical words "It's a girl" and within seconds, before I even got to hold her, the phone rang with a curious Granny on the other end. That was the quickest drive to Utica Square ever taken. The shopping spree began and has yet to end (although now the benefits are divided with a younger brother and sister.) A couple of days later Granny showed up in Colorado, bags of girly stuff in tow. Before we ever brought her home she was playing dress up and forging a bond with Granny that could never be broken.
Madison was the easiest little baby...we got big laughs out of her serious nature and mature personality. Little has changed...silliness is definately not her style but this is for sure...she LOVES her Granny and fashion is a high priority. Now she is five, boy how time flies.