Sunday, January 20, 2008

Big Birthday Boy

Elijah Cooper Beam is TWO! I can hardly believe it. The last seven months has been such a fun time with him. I definitely think the year from one to two is the funnest in the life of a child. Their personality really starts to show and they learn to do so much. Somewhere in the coarse of this year Eli went from being a baby to a little man. Although very onery, Eli is has a tender little heart that often makes me melt. He loves his mom and is dad. Mommy for the nurturing and daddy for the fun. However, he is always looking forward that next ride in Grumpy's pick up. He even knows which key on the key ring makes it start. He is a quiet little guy which makes it easy to overlook that he is very perseptive. Now on to the next big challenge - POTTY TRAINING. Tips are welcome (so when is it that you teach them to stand?).


hannah cooper said...

ELI!!! i wish you were here to play hide n go seek with me. i miss your laugh and your hugs so so much. be a good boy and make a video for me soon. you're so handsome. xoxo

Sarah said...

Some advice on potty training- I need to call you!! LOL I have advice!! LOL