Friday, February 27, 2009

Told You...Random

The other day we spent some time coloring (and I spent some time playing with my new camera). Here are a few pics from our fun time.
This is Madison drawing a picture of the Incredible Hulk and Eli telling her that the Incredible Hulk needs underwear. And the finished product...
This is Lillie dancing; the pictures don't quite do it justice. She loves to turn circle and laugh until she falls down.

Since Madison got her cast off, we decided to go bowling to celebrate. The pictures aren't great, but we had so much fun!!


HANNAH said...

Go madison! She looks so grown up in that picture with the bowling ball. Lillie does too when she's coloring. It brings complete joy to my heart that Lillie likes to dance so much.. you know Madison is so reserved so little Lilliebug balances her out. I'm glad that I'm not the only one (besides Mom, we know) that likes to shake the bootie. Work it Lillie!!