Monday, October 20, 2008


I have taken a lot of random pictures this month, so I thought I would post a few for fun. I haven't had much about Lillie....she is growing up so much!! Not a baby anymore.
Eli showing off the new tats
Madison at her award assembly
Lillie and Eli playing with blocks before bed...they have become pretty good friends. Eli is starting to step out of little brother mode and into big brother mode, it is very sweet.


Coopers said...

Our babies a growing up tooo fast. We love them! Oh, we love you too, Mandy and Dan. Mom and Dad

hannah cooper said...

look at my little man... he really does look bigger. wow!

Penny said...

Cute Kids!!

Sprite said...

Lillie's eyes look SO blue in the first photo! Your children are gorgeous =)