Monday, October 20, 2008

A Little Off Color

I couldn't help but share this very funny conversation between Madison and Dan on Friday while they were driving on 169 on the way to the zoo. Hope you are not too easily offended.
Madison: "Daddy, what is that bad smell?
Dan: "They are laying asphalt on the road."
Madison: "Ass?"
Dan: "No Madison, asphalt"
Madison: "Ass?"
Dan: "No Madison, AsPHALT"
Madison: "Well, I don't know but that ass is stinky!"
Kids say the craziest things, I am just hoping that when she tells her teacher what she did on fall break she doesn't recall her stinky encounter on 169.


hannah cooper said...

oh my gosh im dying laughing. that is so hilarious

Sarah said...

Oh! I have tears in my eyes- that is funny! I needed that today! LOL

bopha said...

That is hilarious, hopefully when she tells the story she remembers the "phalt".

Torres Family said...


Brooks7100 said...

Damon and I laughed out loud!! So funny!

April said...

so funny! thanks for sharing :)

Zellers said...

I just stumbled upon your blog for the first time and that story just cracked me up!! Too funny.