Monday, October 20, 2008

I almost forgot

First of all, WE LOVE OUR CHURCH!! BattleCreek has been such a blessing to out whole family. Occasionally, though, things happen that are totally out of control. Yesterday when we picked up Lillie from the nursery I could see as I approached the pick up door that Lillie had a huge bump over her eye. The worker, upon seeing me at the door, said, "We had a little accident." I figured that she had bumped her head, but it turns out that a little boy actually bit Lillie on the eye and apparently "held on". Poor baby girl. I had to post pictures of her BattleCreek nursery wound. Again....BattleCreek, in my opinion, is the best church in the world.

And, here is a really cute picture I stole off my friend Sarah's page. This is another one from the pumpkin patch. Eli has been waiting all year for that bus ride.