Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Madison

This weekend we celebrated Madison's birthday party at the Embassy Suites in Tulsa. On Friday night we stayed the night and let Madison (and Eli) open up their joint bday present - A Wii!! While we were setting it up for a Wii little party the electricity went out. At first I thought, "Dan, what did you do??" but then I realized it was the entire block of hotels. Since the lobby was a little crazy we decided to stay in our room and wait it out. Finally, after about 30 minutes the lights came back on and we had a fun few games of Wii bowling and tennis.
The next day Madison had a few of her friends, Delaney, Austin and Hope, come up for Happy Meals, cupcakes and swimming. We had a great time!!

Notice that Eli is right in the middle of all those girls. I don't think he minds at all being the middle child with two girls on either side. He will get the best of all worlds!!
This isn't the best quality picture but I thought it was really cute. Lillie is growing so fast!!


HANNAH said...

so ive been staring at that picture of cheekers for about 10 minutes... darling

Jeremy and Melanie said...

Happy Birthday, Madison!!

Sarah said...

Lily looks like such a big girl!! What a sweet birthday party Madison had!! Awesome!

amy said...

Oh that's a great birthday party! Brinigng the warm into the cold months. I bet everyone loved it. Cute cupcakes. I can't believe she is 6!!! HELLO??!!

bopha said...

Happy Birthday, Madison! She is growing up so quickly. I love the picture of Lillie.

Linda said...

Mandy, I can't believe how much the kids have grown and that Madison is 6. Time goes by so quick. Loved the idea of the birthday party. So cute!
The kids were darling in their p'j's when they modeled at church. Made you just want to squeeze them. You and Dan must be very proud.