Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Much Needed Trip to the Park

I have been completely overwhelmed with school work this last week. I have two papers, two tests and two assignments (what is this, Noah's Ark?) all due in the next couple of days. Unfortunately, the kids are the ones who suffer the most during weeks like this. So, today I decided to put down the school books and get out and enjoy the beautiful weather at the park. It was good for the kids, but it was GREAT for me! I had so much fun taking their pictures and watching them enjoy each other. What sweet little kids; sometimes it is too easy to not enjoy them. Today was a good reminder of how important it is to take the time, no matter how inconvenient, to love on them.
I know that I have posted pictures like this one of Lillie before, but I love the close ups of her. Everyone we meet calls her "Curly", I can't figure out why??

Often times Madison and Eli are not the best of friends, but today they really enjoyed each other, which was a great change of pace!! They took turns helping each other up the slide while they played "pirates".

This picture may not seem like anything great, but I love it because it says a lot about Eli. He is a big boy in a lot of ways, but still a little boy at the same time. His comment to me shortly before this picture was, "Look Mom, I can do it with no hands." (Notice his arms still resting on the bars.) I could tell he felt very big walking that bar with "no hands".

I have tons more pictures, but couldn't get them all uploaded on blogger tonight. I really liked this one of the three of them. It shows their personalities. Madison, paying attention; Eli, having fun; and Lillie trying to figure out which one to immitate. What fun!! Why would I ever consider picking school work over this??
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Coopers said...

We have the cutest, brightest and GREATEST grandkids ever. More than that though, we have a daughter who truly knows her priorities. We don't tell you often enough how much we love you hmc85and how proud we are of you. Mom & Dad

amy said...

You really did capture some cute moments of your kiddos. Glad you all got to get out and enjoy the weather together!
Love what your parents said above. :)

Anonymous said...

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