Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just Because We Could

Thank goodness for a break in the rain. Yesterday we went to Granny and Grumpy's house to celebrate no rain....they have the funnest back yard. Lucky for us, Grumpy has thousands of tadpoles on his pool cover, so it provided some great entertainment for the evening. Here is Madison fishing for tadpoles (we are thinking about signing her up to do some good ol' Oklahoma noodling this summer.)
Here is a sample of her catch. We had some great conversation about how tadpoles eventually become frogs. How thankful we are for a God that is wonderfully creative!!
Does any one else see mischief in this sweet little face???

Eli is Grumpy's big helper. And no, Grumpy doesn't do his yard work in only his underwear.


Ashley said...

That last shot of Eli is stunning! The tadpoles, on the other hand, disgusting....

HANNAH said...

The pictures are great... I agree with Ashley on that last one. HANDDDDSOME

the Pulleys said...

Your pictures are looking GREAT girl! Keep up the good work!
And I agree...their back yard IS lots of fun!