Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween and Fishing

Is Halloween over yet? It seems like Halloween this year was a two week event, we were dressing up every time we turned around. We had lots of fun though. We are definately in the perfect neighborhood for trick-or-treating!! We even ran out of candy. People literally were coming by the car load and unloading in our was crazy fun! As you can see, Granny and Grumpy joined us for the evening. And no, my mom isn't in costume...haha, just kidding.

Tonight we settled in for a little game of Let's Go Fishin. It is interesting to see the different styles of fishing as the game went on.
Madison enjoys normal, traditional fishing with the pole. She also volunteers as the lake patrol ensuring that everyone is playing correctly, confiscating any illegally obtained fished.
Eli tried the traditional method. He did okay for a while, throwing back nearly every fish he caught so that it could be caught again. After a couple of rounds he, however, decided to trade his fishing pole for a wave runner and enjoyed torturing the other fishermen/women by tumping the game upside down.
Lillie is a true Oklahoman. She prefers to noodle for her fish and then quickly eats them before her humanitarian brother throws them back or her sister polices her catch.


hannah cooper said...

elijah - your aunt hannah couldn't be more proud of your humanitarianism. you are truly mine and grumpy's. before we know it, you will be the recycler of the family. GO ELI!

the Pulleys said...

Loved the outfits! The girls looked beautiful! Hope y'all had fun, and don't forget to use that pic of your Mom as blackmail someday in the future (when needed). Ha, ha!