Saturday, September 6, 2008

Catching Up

Hannah, I know that I told you this post would have video of Lillie walking, but it doesn't. I don't have a whole lot to report, so I have decided to just to blog about random things from the past couple of weeks.

Madison is doing great at school. She has a love for learning that I hope continues through her entire education. She got an award recognizing that she is a team player, so she was very proud of that!!

Eli on the other hand...well we celebrated no pee pee pants and sort of no time outs at school. The first week was a little rough but he is adjusting. The potty training is going great!! Our biggest challenge is trying to keep clothes on him. We let him run around naked while he was learning and now he prefers nudey tudey to the traditional clothing. Oh well.

Lillie continues to be a great little baby. For the most part she goes with the flow, still takes two naps a day, loves to be held like a baby and sings all the time. She will be my early talker (or singer). Her favorite thing to sing is "Ashes, ashes...all...down" It is precious.

I am still enjoying my job. I definately think I will learn a lot while I am in nursing school from the patients on the floor I am on (Neurology.) There is never a shortage of good stories, that is for sure.

Dan is doing good. He is taking 17 hours and keeping up with it very well. His friend Chris has shown drastic improvement. He has completed the reconstruction of his left arm including skin graphs and has been admitted to the rehab floor. He has lost a lot of weight but seems to be getting around fairly well and in pretty good spirits. It has been a real joy getting to know his family.

Well I guess that is all, I will end with a picture from Madison's and Lillie's room. I just finished their dresser and I think it looks really great.


hannah cooper said...

Madison --- feel better babycakes! Mommie told me you were trowing up. it reminds me of that time your aunt hannah came to visit you in salt lake city and you woke up sick in the middle of the night and *GUESS* who took care of you? your aunt hannah!

i miss you sooo much. let mommie email me soon okay? and when you're with granny, ask her if you can call me. i'd love that.

PS i love your dresser!!!

the Pulleys said...

Love the dresser Mandy! Great job!

denise lopez said...

Cuuuute room! You are Mrs. Multi tasker girl!!!