Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Summer is on the way!

With summer well on it's way to Oklahoma, we loaded up this week for the first of many trips to the pool. This is Lillie in her little sun bathing outfit. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of her in her swimsuit, but I'm sure one will eventually make it to the blog. The kids had tons of fun! Madison hasn't skipped a beat on her swimming. She jumped in that freezing cold water and picked up right where she left off. Eli is going to be a handful (big surprise). Right now he is a little of leary of the water, but it is obvious that is not going to last long. We had to fish him out twice. Lillie is going to follow the other two in a love for the water, she loved to kick and splash. It will be a busy summer (which makes for some really great afternoon naps!)


hannah cooper said...

my heart is melting, i'm not kidding. i want to reach through this computer screen and scoop her up.

Sarah said...

That is so fun!! She is such a dumplin! We love summer all my kids can swim without floaties!! That makes pool days so fun to watch!! LOL