Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Tune Up

Madison's Pre-K teacher Mrs. Wood has a time out system that she calls "tune up." The idea behind tune up is that all participants in a problematic situation are sent to tune up even if they are not the instigating party. After a short time in a tune up chair all parties are forced to reconcile with one another. Madison, of course, has never had a trip to the tune up chair.
Today, after lunch, Madison came into the living room, somewhat hesistant, and said, "Mom, guess who got a sad face today and had to go to tune up." I said, "I don't know, who?" Head dropped and shameful she said, "Me." After some discussion about why she went to tune up I praised her for her honesty and went on about the day.
I had to smile to myself a little about the situation. For a little girl not used to getting in trouble outside of her home, today will probably be a marked memory. As for mom...I couldn't be more proud. I have always wanted my children to know that no matter what, they could find refuge in sharing honestly with us. Today was confirmation, (even though small), that Madison is starting to understand that honesty is the best policy.


Sarah said...

Sadly, my kids called it the "tuna chair" LOL She is such a sweet girl.

hannah cooper said...

what did she do?! what did she do?!!!!

hannah cooper said...

update the blog with some videos and pictures

secondly, change this middle color paaalease. it's too matchy matchy.