Monday, September 24, 2007

Ode To Bubby

There is one very important member of our family that we have yet to introduce.
Please allow me to introduce our beloved "Bubby".

Bubby is Eli's closest friend in the world (next to his Mommy, of course).

Eli and Bubby go and do everything together. When Eli cries, Bubby is there to dry his tears.

When Eli's nose is yucky, Bubby sacrifices one of his ears....and if need be, maybe two.

And when we are trying our hardest to avoid being put to bed, Bubby gladly leaps from Eli's arms so that Mom and Dad have to make the trip back to get him while Eli escapes from his bed.



Anonymous said...

I had to make a "Bubby" delivery yesterday. Grumpy

Emily Lusk said...

what a little ham!! :)

hannah cooper said...

bubby i love you!!!! xoxo. kiss kiss - aunt hannah